Your Honda comes with a system that recognizes driving conditions, hours of operation and driving habits. It will give maintenance recommendations in the form of oil life and associated codes.

        These codes will appear when your oil life reaches 15%

    NOTE: This does not monitor oil level, and the manufacturer still recommends checking your oil level at every fuel fill-up, if you are unsure or
             uncomfortable checking your oil we will be glad to do it for you.

    Main Codes
    A    Replace engine oil *1
    B    Replace engine oil, oil filter
           Inspect from and rear brakes
           Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
           Inspect suspension components
           Inspect driveshaft boots
           Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA)
           Inspect all fluid levels and condition of fluids
           Inspect exhaust system
           Inspect fuel lines and conditions

    Sub Item Codes
    1    Rotate Tires
    2    Replace air cleaner element *2
          Replace dust and pollen filter *3
          Inspect drive belt
    3    Replace transmission fluid
    4    Replace spark plugs
          Inspect valve clearance
          Replace timing belt and inspect water pump *4
    5    Replace engine coolant   
    6    Replace rear differential fluid *4
    7    Replace brake fluid *5


    *1    If maintenance minder does not appear in 12 months after display is reset change engine oil every year.
    *2    If you drive in dusty conditions, replace air cleaner element every 15,000 miles.
    *3    If you drive in urban areas that have high concentrations of soot in the air from industry and diesel powered vehicles,
            replace dust filter every 15,000 miles.
    *4    If driving in mountainous areas, at low speeds, will result in higher transmission temperatures (CVT) change fluid every
            25,000 miles.
    *5    If your car does not have the #7 code or has not appeared after 3 years, brake fluid should be changed.

Here are some common questions we receive everyday

    Q:    I change my oil every 3,000 miles?
    A:    We understand, a lot of us are old school also, but with improved oils it truly in not necessary, and contributes to a
            waste of resources with added expense.

    Q:    How long will it be before I need an oil changes?
    A:    We have seen a very wide range depending on driving conditions, anywhere from 3,000 miles to over 10,000 miles,
            example - we have a customer that drives just in town here and never goes over 50MPH, all short distance and we
            usually see them once a year with around 3 to 4,000 miles and it will be due for service, another example is a
           customer that drives almost 70 miles one way to work and its 9 to 10,000 miles between services. So just watch your oil
           life and schedule ahead of time - we recommend you try to get in when you're around 15% oil life.

    Q:    I do my own oil changes, can i reset my Maintenance Minder?
    A:    Yes, the information is in your owner's manual, but document all codes and maintenance you have done, save fluid and
            filter receipts. We have a general idea on all models of what maintenance should have been done and can offer
            recommendations, but to maintain your warranty you need to be able to produce records of maintenance.

    Q:    Should I check my oil? or does the Maintenance Minder do that?
    A:    Check Your Oil Regularly!, we see cars go longer between oil changes so it's even more critical that you check your oil,
            premature wear can be caused by low oil, we are glad to do it for you if you'd like.

    Q:    I take my vehicle to my local tech, is that okay?
    A:    We strongly recommend an authorized Honda service facility, mainly due to training and knowledge - our primary focus
            is Honda's, we see as many as 100 per day, independents look at all makes and models, we see an average of 1 or 2
            service bulletins a day just on Honda's, I can't imagine being an independent and trying to keep up, we even send out
            other make vehicles to their certified dealers for proper repair, due to their knowledge on their vehicles.

    Q:    What type oil should I use?
    A:    You can find the information in your owner's manual, it is also on the oil fill cap, and we use either full synthetic or
            synthetic blend oil as per manufacturers recommendation. If you're having your vehicles serviced here regularly and
            need you oil or washer solvent topped off, stop in we can do that at NO CHARGE.

    Q:    My pilot came up with a #6 code (rear differential fluid) at 14,000 miles that seems awful early?
    A:    We understand, but here is why, the system recognizes that you are driving roughly 7,000 miles between services, so it
            also recognizes it will be 21,000 miles till your next service and it's saying that's too long before that fluid should be
            changed, instead of having you come back in 2,000 miles.

    Q:    My Maintenance Minder says (B1) but I just want to do an oil change?
    A:    We recommend the (B1) service based on what the Maintenance Minder shows, this can prevent issues down the road,
            it also adds to resale value, safety and helps on warranty if we have all the service records available for the
            manufacturer if an issue should occur.
            Think about this! Oil changes are spread out almost twice as long, spark plugs are now good for 100,000 miles, valve
            adjustments are now at 100,000 miles, coolant is at 100,000 miles, these things have been extended almost twice as
            A (B1) service is equivalent to a 15,000 mile service, a (B 1 2 3 ) is equivalent to a 30,000 mile service.    

Thank You For Your Business,

Jeff Wyler Automotive Family!